Metalhead Minis Commissioned Miniature Painting and Consignment was
established in July of 2009.  Over the years, what started out as one person
just painting miniatures has become a full fledged painting service for other
companies and clients all over the world! Services include:

  • Commissioned miniature painting for table top gaming (single
    characters, NPC's, armies, and terrain), collector display, and dioramas
    at reasonable prices. Quotes are given on a case by case basis
    depending on size, amount of detail, preparation and assembly, quality
    of paint job, type of basing, etc.  There are bulk discounts available for
    larger orders.  Refer to the "Contact Us" page to email for quotes.

  • Consignment sales of Miniatures, table top wargaming supplies, other
    gaming related supplies, and collectibles.
Metalhead Minis eBay Page

  • Metalhead Minis Painting Classes at conventions and local gaming

  • Private lessons.

  • Retail sales of miniatures and gaming related supplies.

Next Convention/Event:Las Vegas Open 2016

Metalhead Minis
Commissioned Miniature Painting and Consignment
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Welcome to the Metalhead Minis Website!
Awards Won in 2015:

First Place, Anime Figure
First Place, Movie Creatures
Austin Scale Model Show 2015

Silver Medal, Single Figure
ReaperCon 2015

Silver Medal, Fantasy Painter
Category- Lone Star Figure Show

Silver medal- Master Painter,
Sci-fi- Las Vegas Open
Bronze medal- Master Painter,
Fantasy- Las Vegas Open

Awards Won 2014:
Reaper Pathfinder Red Dragon
painted by Lyn Stahl was invited
into the 2014 CMON Annual.

Bronze medal, Single figure- Clash
for a Cure

3rd place, Large Figure Category-
GenCon Indy
Honorable Mention, Reaper
Manufacturer Awards- GenCon

Silver Medal, Single Figure-
Silver Medal, Ordinance-
Silver Medal, Diorama- ReaperCon
Bronze Medal, Open- ReaperCon

Silver Medal, Fantasy Painter-
Lone Star Figure Show

Awards Won 2013:

First Place, Biological category-
Austin Scale model Show

Gold Medal, Single Figure-

Gold Medal, Historical category-
Lone Star Figure Show
Silver Medal, Fantasy Painters-
Lone Star Figure Show

Bronze Medal, Historical- Tulsa
Figure Show

Awards Won 2012:

Silver Medal, Single Figure- Austin
Scale Model Show

Silver Medal, Fantasy Painter-
Lone Star Figure Show

3rd Place Overall, Painter- Texicon

Awards Won 2011:

Gold Medal, Journeyman Single
Figure- Cold Wars

Awards Won 2009:

Certificate of Merit, Diorama-
Bally's Casino, Las Vegas
For more information:
Frontline Gaming Website/ LVO